Readers interested in verifying my hypothesis or doing some research in this field can download my program. It's a Turbo-Pascal 6 program (should run in TP5 also). The package is compressed in a "ZIP" file.Give the password "VEEAJU" to unzip it. It contains fourteen files :
  1. syzygie.pas : Main program. Version 1.2. Computes heliocentric syzygies of a given set of planets, for a given period of time, using a given time increment.
  2. plots.pas : Main program. Version 1.2. Reads the syzygie file created by "syzygie", two "signed" wolf numbers files (annual and monthly), draws various diagrams.
  3. astrogen.pas : Astronomic data and procedures
  4. utilgen.pas : Utility procedures
  5. trigodeg.pas : Computes trigonometric functions with some tricks to fasten computing
  6. Wolf.txt : Wolf numbers for period after 1948
  7. Bracewel.txt : "Signed Wolf numbers" for the period 1600-1995.
  8. Schove.txt : Schove's dates for maxima of the solar cycles.
  9. VeEaJu.tmp : Result of computing VeEaJu syzygie from 1700 to 2000.
  10. sincos.trg : File of sinus function values
  11. tabarc.trg : File of values for inverse trigonometric functions computing.
  12. syzygie.exe : Executable of "syzygie".
  13. plots.exe : Executable of "plots".
  14. egavga.bgi : driver for ega or vga screen (necessary with the .exe files).