Sunspot cycles are they caused by Venus, Earth and Jupiter syzygies ?

By Jean-Pierre Desmoulins


Sunspots cycles (11 years period) and the magnetic oscillation of the Sun's core (22 years period) could be linked, by gravitational effect, to an external excitation process. Tidal waves on the Sun culminate during syzygies of the tidal planets. Heliocentric syzygies and oppositions of Jupiter, Earth and Venus occur in bursts, and plotting these bursts shows a regular signal, with a 22 years period, in phase with the sunspot cycles for three centuries. Phase shifts of the "signed sunspots numbers curve" regarding to this excitation signal induce to think that the solar oscillator is a nearly unstable non linear system, which could be forced out of resonance for decades by an overshoot, like for example during the Maunder minimum of the 17 th century.


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