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What about the seventeenth century

The seventeenth century was not used for showing correlations at the beginning of this research and on the first publication of this web site around 1995. The sunpots records were considered to be hardly usable. Recently, J.M. Vaquero published a very documented study, showing with reasonnable accuracy what could have been the cycles from 1610 to 1662, which is the period just before the minimum of Maunder. http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0702068

From this publication, I exctracted the figure below, with the (unsigned) reconstruction of the sunspot number. Under it, I show the 10 * P and Q indexes given by my syzigie program.

The "VeEaJu" syzygie was indeed in very good correspondence beetween 1610 and 1645. The phase of the cycle beginning in 1610 was a little early regarding the syzygie signal, which can be found on later cycles of large amplitude. Even the very small maximum around 1652 / 1653 is correctly placed.

I can thus be said that the VeEaJu syzygie signal was in phase with the sunspot cycle from 1600 to 2008. Not too bad...

Of course, there are syzygies during the Maunder minimum, which must be explained by an independent cause.