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Why publishing on Internet ?

This research was conducted mainly in 1988.

Unfortunately, my attemps to publish the above lines and figures in scientific reviews in 1989 and 1990 were unsuccessfull. Upset by some of the reactions encountered at that time, I forgot my idea and shifted to other stuff. Recently (1995), I spoke to some friends who encouraged me to publish. As I am connected to Internet since a few weeks (Thanx to alpes-net who opened a link in Grenoble), I decided to take my old programs, run them on my PC, extend the curves to 1995 as new values of solar activity were available, put the images in GIF, the text in in HTML, and put all that on the WWW.

I browsed here and there a few days to find e-mail addresses of people working in solar physics, made my own mailing list with about 200 entries (including some mail-lists), typed a message that I launched (sorry if you received it two or more times). I wrote also to some web search engines to register my pages with several keywords.

I know this sort of electronic publishing of a new scientific hypothesis can be severely judged by some readers. But what was the choice :

I'm not a professionnal researcher and, being free from all sort of pressure, I could make my choice : here is the result.

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