The pictures below show other interesting wreckage pieces alledged to have been found in the pentagon's wreckage.

landing gear piece

It seems to be the upper part of the left leg of the main landing gear of a commercial plane. A person working in the aeronautics field told me, by email, that it seemed to be the facture of Boeing landing gears (manufactured, in fact, by Goodrich). As for the jet engine rotor this piece should be characteristic to any person having worked on it at manufacturing or maintenance stage. It could be the piece shown on the picture below :

The rim below was found out of the last "punch out" hole in the A-E drive. It can be compared with the picture of a 757 main landing gear.

Wheel rim 757 gear
757 gear 757 gear

Obviously rims are from the same manufacturer, i.e. Goodrich. As several Boeing models are equiped with Goodrich landing gears, nothing allows to be sure that this rim certainly comes from a 757-200. It could come also from a 737 or any commercial plane equiped with a Goodrich landing gear manufactured in the same time period. It can be noticed that the edge of the rim seems to have a different profile on the wrecked piece and on the intact ones. But this is only an impression. Measuring this piece could allow to say certainly, if it's a main landing gear's rim, if it comes from a 757 or from a 737, as the 737 has larger tyres and rims than the 757 (this because the main gear has only two wheels instead of four). Other pics of the landing gears of a 757 can be found on the web site of Andrew Abshier.

Here are some other pictures of the front gear of a 757-200, extracted from "" database (search with "Boeing 757-200, nose closeup). Click to get a closer / broader view.

It seems obvious on these pics that there are 10 slots on the front wheel of these Boeing 757-200. So, unless the manufacturer(s) of these rims (Goodrich, ...) have two different models, with 8 or 10 slots, both available for 757s, the wrecked rim found in the A-E drive of the Pentagon would not come from the front gear of a 757-200.

Tyre in AE drive Tyre in AE drive

These two pictures, taken in the A-E drive at the Pentagon, show what seems to be one half of a similar tyre. This debris came out there through the "punch out" hole.

There is no possible doubt, unless imagining that all these pieces are "planted evidences", that a big plane (commercial airliner size) with a Goodrich manufactured landing gear, has struck the Pentagon on september 11. The pictures presented here above account probably for a B 757.

I have shown on the previous versions of this web site a picture showing a tire "found near the Pentagon", resting on what seems to be a building up, with metal debris all around. According to a french penpal, Cécile, this pic would have been shot in New York City, and could even be exctracted from the "Firemen video" of brothers Naudet. I can confirm that this was a mistake. This picture would really have been shot in New York City, two blocks away from the WTC. See another picture, named "Jet tire two blocks away" on the web site. I apologize for this error, and cheers to Cécile !

Tire near Pentagon Tire at WTC