This second level of analysis was done in march 2003. The original aim was to improve the simulation of different flying objects (a B 757, a fighter, a cruise missile) shown arriving onto the pentagon, by a more careful analysis of topography, perspective and timing.

Analysis of image 1 of the cctv.

Here below the image, with art lines added in yellow. The presumed trajectory of the plane has been cut into three zones :

The camera's horizon has been drawn on the image, and also the realist approach trajectory in purple (see below in the text).

Analyse 1

The following image is extracted from an aerial view. Over it have been drawn the lines corresponding to the lateral limits of the cctv field. A line has been plotted, perpendicular to the axis of the camera, which corresponds to a vertical plane homothetic to the sensor of the camera. On this line have been reported the percentages measured on the previous image. Drawing the lines from the camera up to this line, the trajectory of the plane (confirmed by the destroying in the pentagon and the struck lamp poles) is intersected.

Analyse 2

On this trajectory can be found :

These distances can be reported on a cut drawing along the presumed trajectory of the plane (in purple). Lamp poles have been plotted in blue, and the horizon of the cctv camera in yellow : an horizontal plane 1.3 m high above the heliport ground.

Analyse 3

The flight height above Washington Boulevard can be estimated to twenty feet, from the length of the inferior part of the lamp pole, visible on the following picture, which was hit by the plane.

Hit lamp pole

Facts :

Conclusions :
Hani Hanjour skills
The fraud :

Analysis of image 2 of cctv

An excellent paper can be found in the Guardian's analysis, discussing the explosion at the pentagon, with a plot showing that the red color seen ahead of the heliport control tower is faked and has been added by an infographist.
I don't agree with this analysis and I think that, except the virtual smoke left by the virtual plane, this image is true, here is why.

Image 2

Facts :

Conclusions : The fraud :

A "power point" presentation on the Pentagon crash has been put on line by Jack White. It contains the following graphics job, which consists to arrange one of the images of the camera in order to cope with the deformations of the lense (wide angle). On this picture, it is possible to plot the horizon line, just above the yellow line which underlines the Pentagon's facade.

optical correction

This horizon line goes just on the bottom of the smoke track on the right, which would indeed, according to this job, be just over the ground level. This would mean, if this smoke had been produced by the engines of the plane, that this one would have been on an horizontal flight with the axis of the engines at approximately ten feet from the ground, i.e. the lower part of the engines at approximately five feet over the ground. One more time, it must be affirmed that it is impossible for a 757, at full speed on a descending trajectory since some thousand feets, to be on such an horizontal trajectory only a few fractions of a second after having flyed at mid lamp poles height over a road located twenty feet higher than the ground of the heliport !

Physically, the plane could not do that, even if piloted by an ace. Moreover if it was piloted by a goofy hijacker pilot... This without quoting the fact that the engines of a 757 maintained by a serious company don't leave behind them such a smoke cloud : if this smoke really accounted for the track of an engine, it should be concluded that it was an old car, good for junk, which crossed at this precise time the lawn of the heliport !

NEW : february 2007 :
A very interesting analysis of the videos, by Pier Paolo Muru, an italian investigator. He comes to the same conclusion than me : the videos have been faked.