The Sheraton hotel

The cctv video of a "mysterious hotel", not so mysterious in fact as it would be the Sheraton National hotel, is said to have also registered the plane. The video has been viewed by the hotel employees, shocking them. Then the FBI came and took the video.

See point of view, the pentagon being just on the left of the last picture or from the window ...

The Virginia department of transportation

The Virginia departement of transportation (VDOT) has video cams on main highways to monitor trafic. Two of these cams are near the pentagon, on Washington boulevard. They can be viewed on internet on TrafficLand web site. The pictures below show cams location. Click left to enlarge aerial view, click right to see actual view from cams.

Location of cams
The first cam ("@ I 395") has a field of view similar to the cctv of the pentagon. It must have seen the plane arriving, flying over the crossroads (95 m zone), then over the embankment (65 m zone), clearly visible in the field of view, then over the heliport. In plain line, the real trajectory, and in dotted line, the trajectory of the "virtual" plane.

The second cam ("@Pentagon") is located on a pole which has probably been struck by the attacking plane on 9/11. If recorded, the images of this cam must show a brutal interruption of signal.

Good guess Jean Pierre : Confirmation found in the VDOT report (quoted lower in this site on the page about the lamp poles)

vdot cams views

On the manufacturer of these cams web site, there is a clear indication that some vdot cams have shot the attacking plane at pentagon.

The pentagon's gas station

The NEXCOMM/CITGO-gas station is the last place over which the plane flew before crossing the highway and diving onto the Pentagon. Jose Velasquez, the employee at this station heard the plane, just by the station, then saw the explosion on the Pentagon. Within the minutes after it, he said, FBI came in the station and took the video before he could even see it. Read witness account.

See point of view from this station : photo shot at opening ceremony. source.

The BBC video

Source. On september 11, Ehud Barak, the former Israel's prime minister was in London. He came on the BBC at the precise time of the attacks for an interview (programmed days before). The interview of Ehud Barak is, in itself, surprising.

More surprising is the footage shown by the BBC during this interview : the screen shows clearly the plane, (attacking plane or C 130 following it) shot from underneath, and the pentagon in the background.

Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3

These photos (or this video) seems to have been taken from Arlington National Cemetery. I have never read any witness account mentioning that he took this photo or video. Questions can arise :