Several scenarios have been elaborated in the successive versions of this web site. In the last version, archived in august 2003, I presented two scenarios :

I still think that these scenarios are possible, but the conclusions from the last analyses on the crash theories push towards a more probable scenario. Here is it's description.


Many facts, outside the circumstances of the pentagon's attack, induce to think that the 9/11 attacks were foreseen and that a huge cover-up has followed, including with the voting of the "Patriot act". The scenario built to explain all the facts described above, also based on my memory of what I felt on 9/11, is based on the following premises (see complete timeline) :

  1. Bin Laden has prepared an attack involving four hijacked planes.
  2. The US official are warned of this attack, by several channels, the most serious being the minister of foreign affairs of the Taliban regime who tried to open by this way a negotiation with the U.S. officials.
  3. It is decided to leave this attack be held, though discretely organizing to limit the human losses, to create a psychological shock on the american people and to create the necessary conditions to open a war in the middle east.
  4. The Boeing 757 of flight 77 has been prepared. It is loaded with a depleted uranium bomb, or a composite BROACH type bomb in the luggage compartment.
  5. On 9/11, four planes are hijacked at the same time. This could be a real hijacking by Al Quaeda terrorists, or an electronic hijacking through a distance control operation of the planes, or a mix of these two hypotheses (see lower).
  6. According to the procedures, the NORAD gets the information from the FAA.
  7. A hijacked plane hits the first tower of the WTC. Within 15 mn, almost everybody has the information (I had it in France at my office, the wife of a colleague having received a mail from somebody watching CNN in the USA, and having phoned to her husband).
  8. A second hijacked plane hits the second tower of wtc. Everybody, including people in France who follow in real time the events on internet, know that this is not an accident but an attack.
  9. NORAD, which obviously has at least the same information than the french public, is by some ways locked by the conspiracy.
From this point, three options are possible, developped separately below.

Option 1 (MIHOP 3) : The pure remote control scenario

The scenario goes on this way :
  1. The 757 of flight 77 has been equiped with a distance piloting equipment (radio command, video feedback).
  2. A C 130 flies in the surroundings, with the pilot of this remotely piloting equipment on it's board. It follows closely flight 77, taking control of the last part of the trajectory on a video monitor.
  3. This video system lacking some resolution, as the 757 is set full throttle, he doesn't see the lamp poles at the crossroads beetween highways 27 and 244. The shocks are not destructive for the plane, but bend the lamp poles and pull some of them out, probably causing the bomb plane to be close to crash on the ground of the pentagon's heliport. The pilot succeeds in stabilizing the trajectory.
  4. At the impact time, the C 130 veers and gets away from the explosion.

Option 2 (LIHOP) : The hijack scenario

The scenario goes on this way :
  1. Flight is hijacked by Hani Hanjour and fellows and is directed to Washington DC.
  2. Hani Hanjour would like to strike the White House, but he is too high when arriving on the city to recognize it and dive onto it.
  3. He makes a steep turn to come back to the city's center. Being poorly trained, he looses altitude during his turn, and is so low by the end of it, perhaps dazzled when facing the rising sun, that he nearly crashes before having seen his target.
  4. He understands that he will not be able to strike the white house, but just in front of him is the pentagon, huge building with characteristic structure.
  5. He puts full throttle, shouts "Allah ou akbar", and concentrates on directing his plane straight ahead him on the building.
  6. he doesn't see the lamp poles at the crossroads beetween highways 27 and 244. The 757, near full speed, bends the lamp poles and pulls some of them out, the weight and inertia of the plane maintaining it on the trajectory.

Option 3 (HIHOP) : The "war drill" scenario

  1. The US authorities, warned of the multiple hijacking projected by Al Qaeda, decide to experiment a set of new technologies which allows to take remote control of a hijacked plane and land it securely.
  2. The pilots of the flights are party in the operation. Charles Burlingame, pilot of flight 77, is chosen for having already been in some secret ops, and being an expert who analysed the scenario of the crash of an airliner onto a target building.
  3. Some big wheels and some experts of companies working on these technologies register on the flights, probably pushed to do it to show that they trust in their work.
  4. Charles Burlingame, who had planed to attend a baseball game in Anaheim, california, with his spouse Sheri, tells her not to join him aboard flight 77. His brother, Brad, who reports this, says he explained that he could not get a good seat to the game.
  5. Hani Hanjour and his team hijack flight 77. Perhaps softly as the captains and some passengers know in advance that this must happen. Perhaps more hardly if some hijackers loose their nerves and want to let some blood flow in order to control passengers by terror.
  6. The scenario goes on, the plane (as the two others of flight 11 and flight 175) is put under electronic control. A Navy C130 has on board the remote control equimement and the "pilot". The operation is supervised by a team of the Navy intelligence, from a room located at the first floor of the west aisle of the Pentagon.
  7. The air defense system is deliberatly set to stand-down, probably simulating a bureaucratic failure, unless this was part of an exercice planned in advance, which was necessary for the experiment.
  8. On board the plane, Hani Hanjour sees that the plane is no longer under control, and is probably instructed by the captain that they are now under remote control, and they just have to wait to be on ground to discuss calmly with the authorities who will be friendly with the hijackers if they dont harm in any way the passengers.
  9. Charles Burlingame and Hani Hanjour, perhaps both in the cockpit, and none of them understanding what is happening, see their plane run straight into the Pentagon to crash into it.
  10. The bomb inside the plane explodes. The navy intelligence team, in the pentagon, none of them understanding what happens, is killed by the shaped charge explosion, the DU penetrator, the debris of the plane, the fire in the building.
  11. As the operation is a full success for the three first hits, with identical screenplays, it is decided to stop flight 93, which was planned to crash onto the Capitol, and it is shot over Pensylvania. It could be by a missile launched by a neutral business jet sized plane which was following it on purpose, or as reported by Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, by two sidewinders missiles shot by a fighter of the "Happy Hooligans", a F 16 mounted squadron of the North Dakota Air Guard.
  12. The crime is nearly perfect, as the "innocent perpetrators" (those who made the technology and were party in the experiment, on board the planes or inside the pentagon) are killed in the same time than the victims of the attacks, and won't come later to explain that all this was an anti-hijack experiment which was itself hijacked.


  1. The 757 strikes the building at nearly full speed, say more than 400 mph, and punches the front, most of the plane's part being scratched into the building, and some parts rebounding outside up to a long distance away.
  2. The hollow charge, the depleted uranium impact and perhaps the energy of some heavy part of the plane (landing gear, engines) destroy heavily the structures of the building.
  3. The depleted uranium load of the bomb plays it's role of penetration, getting deeply inside the building, penetrating through walls and floors, destroying several pillars and making the "punch out" hole in the wall of the C ring.
  4. Except some heavy steel parts (landing gear, motors), the plane is completely destroyed, transformed in a shower of aluminum confettis as some witnesses said for the part of the plane which bounced outwards, and transformed mostly in a white powder (alumina) by the action of the sprinkler system for the part of the plane which got into the building.
  5. Some oddities in the witness accounts, the evident cover-up of the crash elements by the authorities push the french journalist Thierry Meyssan to publish his books, "The Big lie" and "The Pentagate". The web site "Hunt the Boeing" is a big success on internet, raising questions about the reality of a 757 crash.
  6. The autorities of the United States (FBI, DOD, CIA, OSP ?) give to the questions raised by Meyssan the worst possible answer : faked images, first from the cctv camera of the Pentagon's parking lot, second of some debris showing "red letters" supposed to come from the "American" logo of the Boeing 757.
  7. The infographists who make these faked images and the officials who ordered this work have skills limited to 2D images. The third dimension is inaccessible to their brain. The fakery can be proved reasonning on topography, perspective and geometrical analysis.
  8. This ruins the official thesis of a purely civil Boeing 757 crash. As the more probable is that the plane was really a 757, the consequence is that it carried a military load.

Arguments for this scenario

Arguments against this scenario

Excepted some technical arguments (what bomb was used, no witness account for the position of the tail of the plane), the main arguments against this scenario are :

So much unbelievable things... as in the "Matrix" film, the best would be to take the blue pill and all this would just go out of reality. Or we need more information to cancel these doubts. These informations exist : the black boxes, the remains of the plane, the videos, other pictures inside the Pentagon, ... !

News. December 2006. The daughter of captain Charles Burlingame, Wendy, dies in her appartment on fire, after having been locked inside by her boyfriend. Reported by Newsday (12/05/06) and by NY Times (12/06/06). Sad and odd story. Nothing more to say before knowing the conclusions of the investigation.